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"The 2 Most Powerful Engines KNOWN TO MAN... That Will SKYROCKET You
Towards Financial Freedom!"

These Two Engines Transformed Me From a Regular 9-5 Employee into a
Millionaire at Just Age 34
. So If You're Looking for The Answer to Your
Financial Independence & Success, Then Read Every Word on This Page!

Imagine an airplane... sleek and powerful, gleaming in the sun with its majestic wings and twin turbo jet engines. A sight to behold.

As it lines up on the runway, it readies itself for takeoff, waiting to harness the power of its twin jet engines... And then finally, with a violent, forceful thrust, the plane ROARS into life, rockets down the runway and takes off into the sunset.

So What Do Twin Jet Engines Have to Do With Your
Financial Freedom in the First Place?

They have EVERYTHING to do with your financial freedom, because these two engines alone transformed me into a millionaire (in Singapore dollars) at just age 34! But it's not about the million dollars at age 34 that I want to talk about... it's about my story and where I started out that I really want to share with you.

My name is Ken and I come from a humble background. Most would say I was even born poor.

So if you were thinking I made my million dollars because I was born into a wealthy family and I had the network and all the resources to easily make my million at 34, then I'm sorry to burst your bubble!

I also wasn't born with any superhuman talent, ability or intellect as well. I went to the 2nd-worst school in my country, had a sub-average academic life and got sub-average grades.

I only started using English when I was 15, and as fate would have it -- I suffer from dyslexia and till today, I still can't spell right. (Obviously, someone had to proofread what I wrote on this page!)

I wasn't talented in any particular skill - I don't understand music, I don't excel in sports and my art is as advanced as a 3-year-old's paintbrush. In other words, I was just very, very, very average.

I Come From a Broken Family...

Not only was I average, I come from a broken family as well.

My mum left when I was eight. One morning when I woke, I saw my mum walk out the door with her suitcase in her hand. She didn't say anything to me when she saw me. She simply smiled and left.

I was raised by my paternal grandmother. She was a porridge seller and every two days she would carry two big bags of groceries and take an hour long bus ride to our place. There she would cook dinner for my brother and I and make sure we were fed. After dinner I would accompany her back to the bus stop where she'd board the bus and endure another hour long journey back home.

She did this for 13 years straight.

When she passed away because of lung cancer, I didn't get to tell her how much I loved her before she left this world. If anything, that is my biggest regret in life.

My Dad Gambled Away Our Future

My dad who was a simple bus driver who often worked long hours. In 1985, my dad put whatever little we had in our family savings in the stock market hoping to strike it rich.

When one local company, Pan-Electric Industries, collapsed with debts of over $480 million and wiped out $230 million in shareholder wealth overnight, the Singapore stock market crashed and our stock exchange had to be closed for three days.

In the ensuing aftermath, my family lost everything. We were already poor enough, but to see all that we saved up go up in a puff of smoke... that was hard to take, even as a kid.

I still remember one incident in school when I didn't even have enough money to buy a plate of fried rice that cost 50 cents. I only had 25 cents in my pocket. I was that poor.

And so in the midst of my schooling, I also started working at the age of 13.

But Somehow, Despite All These Setbacks...

I finished school and graduated with a degree in business management. I got a job as a marketing executive at the financial firm SIX Telekurs and I worked hard. I was making a decent income, I saved money every month and I saw myself at this company, or at the very least in this industry, for a long time to come.

I had made it. Or so it seemed...

I had bigger dreams. Being so poor all my life forced me to never stop striving and be comfortable with where I was in life. I wanted to make my first million dollars, but I had NO idea how to do it.

Back then, I was an employee making $3,000/month. To make $1,000,000, I would have to work AND not spend a single dime for 27.7 years straight just to save a million dollars! That was too slow and too unrealistic in any sense.

I kept thinking: "There has to be another way... I just haven't discovered it yet."

And then...

I Stumbled Upon the Twin Engines to Financial Freedom

As an employee, I knew I was never going to make a million working the way I did. Even if I worked harder and longer, there are only so many hours in a day I could work.

But the "Twin Engines" I discovered changed all of that.

I no longer had to work 16 hour days to sustain or increase my income. In fact, I worked less hours and my income still shot up! I was producing more, achieving more and, as a result, making more as well.

Not only was I working less and making more, I could take time off and go on a holiday knowing that my twin engines would still be working hard 24/7,  producing income for me whether I'm there or not.

You see, financial FREEDOM is not just about making lots of money.

You could be a freaking billionaire but if you can never take time off to enjoy the things you really want to enjoy in life... I'm sorry, but you have NO freedom. You're a SLAVE to your work. And I don't want that!

I Became a Millionaire at Age 34!

Finally, at the age of 34, with the power of these twin engines, I officially became a millionaire! Instead of taking almost three decades to hit this mark, in just FIVE SHORT YEARS, I had made a million bucks. Was I ecstatic? You betcha I was!

Now I'm not here to impress you. I just want to demonstrate to you the POWER and SPEED of these twin engines to financial freedom.

Look at it this way...

If you had to drive all the way from New York to San Francisco in a car, it would take you about three full days. But if you were on a plane speeding through the sky on its twin jet engines, that same trip would take you less than five hours.

So just like how the twin engines on a place help you reach your destination in a fraction of the time, the twin engines to financial freedom will help you reach your financial goals in super quick time as well!

That's how I made my million in just five years.

In fact, I can guarantee you that without these two engines, you'll never get off the ground and it will be nearly impossible for you to become financially free. Period.

Are YOU Ready to Discover the
Twin Engines to Financial Freedom?

I'll tell you right now what the twin engines to financial freedom are. They are...

1. Business
2. Investing

If you harness these two engines successfully, I can GUARANTEE you that you will become a millionaire many times over and become financially free. I'll tell you why.

Like I mentioned earlier, being an employee means you're stuck with a fixed monthly income. No matter how hard you work or how long you slog away at the office, you still take home the same amount month after month.

Even if you earn a variable income and get paid according to your results, there's still a limit to how much you can make. Because you only have 24 hours in a day, there's only how much you can work without running yourself into the ground!

But a business is DIFFERENT.

A business gives you unlimited potential to make a lot of money with less effort. How is this possible?

Through a system. If you have business that runs on a SYSTEM, this means your business continues to generate profit even without you having to be there! With a system, people can run the business for you -- freeing up your time. With a system, a business can scale -- allowing you to make more money than you ever could just being a single employee.

And the best part is, you don't need a ton of capital to start a business, in fact you can...

Start a Business With Little or NO Money Down!

I started my first business with only $9. And it went on to generate $1.4 MILLION in the next 18 months.

And if you thought that was a fluke, I did it again. I started my second business with NO money down and in just 3.5 years, this business is now worth $4.2 MILLION.

How did I do this TWICE?

Because I had a system. A system that allows me to start a business with little or no money. A system that allows me to generate profit exceedingly fast. A system that allows me to grow and scale my business bigger and bigger, without having to work harder and harder.

If you dream of starting your own business or already own one, you need to know this system.

And to prove to you that I'm the real deal, I was the recipient of the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2005. Out of over 140,000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Singapore, only the top 40 SMEs are awarded this prestigious honor annually.

Not to brag, but hey... :)

Now once you're generating consistent profits from your business, what do you do with the money?

Would you spend it all?

Heck no! Because even if you make $1 million a year, but you spend $1 million as well -- you're still BROKE.

That's why some people you see driving fast cars and living the high life are actually broke. They spend so much money keeping up with appearances that they having nothing left over. They are not rich; they are just high spenders.

Of course, there are truly rich people who can afford all the expensive things in life, but they are really rich. But if you're just starting out on your building your wealth, don't you think you can get rich faster by spending less and investing more?

Which brings us to the 2nd engine to financial freedom...

Why You NEED to Invest!

Once you're making consistent profits in your business, the next thing you need to do invest and reinvest your money to grow wealth year after year after.

Look at it this way -- if you made $1 million a year and just put all that money in a bank, how much would you earn from interest?

3% a year?

That wouldn't even cover inflation! You'll be getting poorer over time. In fact, if inflation is at 5%, every dollar you have would be worth twenty cents in just 30 years time! 

You NEED to invest and I'll give you four reasons why:

1. Working a job means you're exchanging time for money. And there's a limit to how many hours you can work in a day
2. Investing allows you to compound and your wealth exponentially -- without having to work more hours
3. Inflation eats up the value of your money. If you do not invest, you become poorer over time
4. Unless you want to work forever, you need your investments to fund your lifestyle when you retire

Beyond these four reasons, investing allows you to massively grow your wealth over time. And when I say massively, I really mean MASSIVE. I'll show you...

If you invest just $20,000 today and grow it 25% per annum for 30 years, how much do you think you'd get at the end of 30 years?

$500,000? A million? Five million dollars?


You would have $16,255,871.00! (You can go take a financial calculator and work this out yourself.)

Now that's the power of investing! The only question is... how do you invest in the right stocks that will give you 25% returns a year?

Well, that's where I come in.

Massively Grow Your Wealth Through Investing!

I have been investing over the last 15 years and I can tell you right now, it is the main reason why I've been able to achieve my financial freedom so fast!

In fact, I'm so passionate about investing that I teach about it and I even preach about it. That's how serious I am about investing.

I've been featured on magazines and newspapers expounding the importance of business and value investing (the philosophy of investing I subscribe to) and I'll tell you right now... you must learn to invest, if you want to be financially free for life.

Shares Investment Magazine
3rd March 2010

The Sunday Times
31st January 2011

New Straits Times
12th May 2012


If You're Ready To Discover More, Then Join Us...

Date: 16th February 2014
Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: 47 Scotts Road, GoldBell Towers #03-03


Here's What You'll Discover During This Exclusive Event:

01 The Two Engines to Financial Freedom
I'll go in-depth into the two engines to financial freedom and how you can use them to create income and wealth for yourself. These engines have been around for hundreds of years and millions of people have used them throughout the years to become rich and wealthy. If you're not harnessing the power of these engines -- you're losing out!

02 The Secret to Creating Lifetime Wealth
Like how I mentioned to you earlier -- if you make $3,000/month, it will take you 27.7 years just to make a million. You MUST invest. And I'll show how you can do it successfully -- I'll teach you the steps to pick the right winning stocks and grow your investment portfolio into a million dollars (or more!)

03 How I Make Over $20,000 Every Year -- Doing Nothing!
If you love passive income, then this is right up your alley! Investing in the right stocks also means you'll be receiving HUGE dividend cheques year after year after year. This is the purest form of passive income I know of, because the moment you have a winning stock and you can simply close your eyes and collect money in your sleep!

04 How YOU Can Make Use of the Power of The Two Engines Today!
It's no use if I showed how I made my million if I don't show YOU how to do it to as well. So I'll reveal the steps I took and how you can follow these same steps yourself to increase your income and build your own wealth. If you're looking for an event that will give you REAL, actionable content that you can use the moment you get home, then this it it.

Join Us For This Exclusive 1-Day Event in Singapore!

You NEED to Take Action Now!

Ok, besides the fact that I want you to come down for this event. The reason why you need to take action right is simply because you OWE it to yourself. Your success, your income and wealth all depend on you taking action right NOW to make your dreams reality.

Face it, if you did nothing, you get nothing. No one is going to help if you don't help yourself first. So if you've been searching for some answers to how you can finally make more money consistently and build lifetime wealth, then join us for this event and I'll show you how to do it.

If someone like me who was born poor and comes from a broken family can succeed financially in life, SO CAN YOU. I took action to reach my goals... are you willing to do the same to reach yours?

You know the answer inside your heart.

Oh, and One More Thing...

Remember I told you that I made my first million at age 34; just five years after discovering the twin engines to financial freedom.

Well, after making my million at age 34, three years later, at age 37 right now, I'm already a multi-millionaire. The power of these twin engines is increasing and the rate at which they create wealth for me is accelerating faster and faster!

These twin engines work. They worked (and still are) for me, they have worked for millions of people for the last hundreds of years, and they WILL work for you. Guaranteed.

The only question is whether you are willing harness the power of the twin engines...

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